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Cheek implants provide excellent balance to the facial skeleton. The current philosophy of facial rejuvenation is volume replacement. Some options for volume restoration include fillers and fat grafting. However, cheek implants have many advantages compared to other procedures. They restore volume in three dimensions, unlike other procedures. Through a small incision in the mouth, cheek implants are fixed to the underlying bone using tiny screws. This helps them to stay in place and prevents from drooping.

Cheek implants are placed under local anesthesia or IV sedation and can be completed within 30 minutes. The recovery after cheek implant surgery varies but generally after several days most patients can return to light activity. Some patients will also return to work after 3-4 days. Recovery depends upon the amount of swelling that occurs with individual patients as some people swell more than others. In addition, the ability to smile and pucker will be slightly different for the first week to ten days. The average patient misses one week from work.

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